EDA Board Members

The EDA board is made up of a diverse group of people from across our riding. They are people who have chosen to step forward and ensure that citizens of the Courtenay-Alberni Riding can have a voice in the Federal "governing" of their lives.

These are strictly voluntary positions as representatives of the various regions within the Riding.

We have recently had some changes to Board composition, We are always looking for other interested people to join us to ensure wider representation and bring new energy and ideas to the Board. 

As of April 2020, these are your Board members:

Gerry Schreiber

Ucluelet, B.C.


Sunshine Goldsberry

I have lived in Ucluelet since 1999 and joined the Courtenay-Alberni Riding Association in 2009. After a couple years on the board I served as the CEO for about two years just prior to the 2015 federal election. I took a brief break, but returned to the Riding Association Board (EDA).  I  have been a Green Party supporter for over three decades.

I believe the role of the EDA is to be the conduit between the local riding and the  Federal Party and to keep the local interest and growing momentum alive and thriving between elections.  We must maintain an active presence in the communities and encourage everyone to become more involved in the politics that affect us all so deeply.

The Riding Associations helps keep the 'local' in federal politics. I encourage anyone who has an interest in change and the future to join the fun in this serious and essential adventure.

I have lived gloriously in Coombs for more than forty years, and the best of those years was spent among the fruit and nut trees, herbs and food gardens on our farm. Sunshines Herb Pharm is still present at Errington Farmers Market on a Saturday.

My second favourite thing is reading a good book, and crowded into our small, homemade house are bookshelves with many of the special books. It is a small pride that we may house one of the best collections of feminist literature in these parts, and the books do a good job of insulating the house while they wait to be reread.

Because the human made world is far from perfect I have been involved in political activity all my life, and can only hope that a small group of people can change the world, as Margaret Mead suggests. Yup, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

Liberty Bradshaw

I am originally from Northern BC, and have lived on Vancouver Island for many years.  Retired since 2009, my background includes, among other things, community service officer for family court and crisis counselling at a women’s centre. For the past 37 years I have been privileged and blessed to live on a small farm with my wife.  We have gardens, orchards and animals and produce much of our own food.  French Creek, which is a salmon stream, runs along our property and we can watch coho spawning from our kitchen window. We are involved in the care of this stream with a local group. Tree planting and hog weed digging are also part of the fun!    


I have been on the Courtenay-Alberni EDA Board for several years.  The Green Party's values align with my values and concerns, which include the Protection of our watersheds, the environment, food security and a Fair vote for everyone.

Paul Wisniewski

Retired in Parksville since 2013.  The election of 2019 was a turning point in my life.  The climate crisis has been haunting us now for over 30 years without any meaningful action by governments around the world, which made me realize I had to do something, Oh, and Greta was a big influence too.  I started marching in the protests for climate action and got involved in a local environmental activist group led by one of my neighbours and joined the Green Party.

I'm convinced Green values are a must if the planet and human civilization are to survive, there just isn't any other way, and time is running out.

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