The EDA board is made up of a diverse group of people from across our riding. They are people who have chosen to step forward and ensure that citizens of the Courtenay-Alberni Riding can have a voice in the Federal "governing" of their lives.

These are strictly voluntary positions as representatives of the various regions within the Riding.

We have recently had some changes to Board composition, We are always looking for other interested people to join us to ensure wider representation and bring new energy and ideas to the Board. 

As of December 2021, these are your Board members:

EDA Board Members

Sunshine Goldsberry


I have lived gloriously in Coombs for more than forty years, and the best of those years was spent among the fruit and nut trees, herbs and food gardens on our farm. Sunshines Herb Pharm is still present at Errington Farmers Market on a Saturday.

My second favourite thing is reading a good book, and crowded into our small, homemade house are bookshelves with many of the special books. It is a small pride that we may house one of the best collections of feminist literature in these parts, and the books do a good job of insulating the house while they wait to be reread.

Because the human made world is far from perfect I have been involved in political activity all my life, and can only hope that a small group of people can change the world, as Margaret Mead suggests. Yup, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

Liberty Bradshaw


I am originally from Northern BC, and have lived on Vancouver Island for many years.  Retired since 2009, my background includes, among other things, community service officer for family court and crisis counselling at a women’s centre. For the past 37 years I have been privileged and blessed to live on a small farm with my wife.  We have gardens, orchards and animals and produce much of our own food.  French Creek, which is a salmon stream, runs along our property and we can watch coho spawning from our kitchen window. We are involved in the care of this stream with a local group. Tree planting and hog weed digging are also part of the fun!    


I have been on the Courtenay-Alberni EDA Board for several years.  The Green Party's values align with my values and concerns, which include the Protection of our watersheds, the environment, food security and a Fair vote for everyone.

Paul Wisniewski

My life began in Montreal, where I spent my formative years and adolescence. I struck out on my own at 20, and arrived in Vancouver by rail with a trunk filled with all my belongings.  Since then I have lived in Toronto (7 years) and Calgary (27 years), and retired in Parksville in 2013. 

The election of 2019 was a turning point in my life.  The climate crisis made me realize I had to do something.  I looked at our political parties and evaluated their policies and platforms.  It appeared to me that the Green Party stood out as the most socially responsible , in a very clearly defined way, as illustrated by the principles of the Global Greens Charter documented in the constitution of the party.

I'm convinced Green values are a must if the planet and human civilization are to survive, there just isn't any other way, and time is running out.

David Haynes


I went through the riots and protests in Berkeley, California as a kid, and our Sunday school class would go to Port Chicago to stop semi-trucks carrying Napalm being shipped to Vietnam.  I moved to Canada at 17, three days after graduating from High School.  I received Conscientious Objector status and later became a Canadian Citizen while in University here.  Retired from teaching in 2013 having taught Woodwork, Socials, Theatre, English, Science and Art for 32 years.  

I always Voted Green ever since there was a candidate in our riding.   My volunteering began for the Green party in 2015 for Glenn Sollitt, and since then have worked 6 elections in 6 years and was a campaign manager for two of those elections.  I have volunteered for both the BC Green party and the Courtney-Alberni Federal Green Party.


It sounds like I’m an activist, but I grew up surrounded by Issues which are inherently wrong and needed people to stand up against them.  Given a choice, I prefer drawing, woodworking and gardening. Green work is important though, worthwhile, and urgent, especially due to the Climate Crisis, Indigenous disrespect by Government, Fish Farms, Forestry stripping, LNG, Site C, and the Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline project.  

Colin Frazer


Greetings! I have been a member of several environmental and social justice volunteer groups in Port Alberni over the past fifteen years. Some of these faded due to lack of funding, such as the Alberni Environmental Coalition. Others have been affected by attrition, including the now closed Council of Canadians chapter which I served as contact for several years.


It is a familiar theme, but we need more young people taking an interest in such things!

On the political level I was an election time worker for the NDP. That held to the point that I felt that Party was not doing enough even to educate British Columbians, on the onrushing climate crisis. So I moved over to the federal Green Party ahead of the 2019 election, and to support Sean Wood's candidacy. I feel the facts are with us, and that the beautiful Canadian countryside I remember from my youth can remain into the future. 

Annie Humphries-Loutit

560X554_Bill Curtain.jpg

Bill Curtin

Dale Mcintyre


I was born on Vancouver Island and was taught as a child to not be wasteful in any way and when first travelling in my early twenties learned that not all countries enjoy clean drinking water.  I began to realize how privileged I was and the stunning country into which I had been born. 

In 1969 while living in Prince George B.C.  I protested against the Amchitka Island Nuclear testing.  

Most of my life I  have voted for the NDP and met the remarkable Tommy Douglas while living in Ottawa.

I have lived in Qualicum Beach since 1984,  wondering why the scientist’s information and predictions continued to be ignored by our politicians.  

About 12  years ago, the more I listened to Elizabeth May, the more I realized I had a responsibility to contribute.   I became a member of the Green Party of Canada and subsequently worked in the 2019 federal election for the Courtenay/Alberni riding.  

I have a great respect for all that the Green Party represents, particularly their 6 core values. 

I abhor cruelty inflicted on any living things, animals and humans alike.  I love organic farming and trees, especially those of our west coast rainforest, and value a peaceful quiet environment.


Wendy Powell

Gerald Labute


I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and moved to the west coast in 1997. For most of my life I voted for different parties. It was only a few years ago that I saw a membership drive for the Greens.  After looking it over, I felt it was right for me and what I believe.  Since then, I have helped with a few campaigns, both federal and provincial with door knocking and sign waves.  I hope to keep going at it for many more years.

I am retired from auto repair.  Some of my interests include, reading, history and old movies.  I also do a show for the local tv station, called the Time Traveler, when I talk about local history. 

Lorna Murphy


I am a regular supporter of many environmental organizations both Canadian and International.  I believe that we must pivot to meet today’s challenges whether it be the environment, health care, or the opioid crisis.

My husband and I have lived in the French Creek area since 2016. We thoroughly enjoy exploring and experiencing all the varied activities the island offers.  As former sailors, we particularly enjoy our proximity to the ocean without having to worry about wind and tide as we travel.  Golfing is our newest passion and challenge!  

We both enjoy cooking, cycling and our hobbies.  Mine consists of scrapbooking and paper crafting.  I have also taken up learning to play the piano although that is not progressing too well!

As far as my political leanings go, I have been a Green Party supporter since the early 2000s.  Although I was badly shaken by the recent disturbance in the Green Party ‘Force’, I remain steadfast in my belief in the values that the Green Party espouses.  May the ‘Force’ be with us!